Are you concerned about the psychological welfare of your minor children post-divorce?

If so, do you need a parenting co-ordinator, also known as a facilitator?

It will probably depend on whether or not you and your spouse will be able to co-parent effectively with a minimum of conflict!

Parent co-ordination (PC) or facilitation clauses are found in most divorce orders or parenting plans. This clause states that, if there is any dispute between the parents as to when and how they have contact with their children or if they can’t resolve conflict in order to make decisions relating to their children ( such as enrolling them in a new school or travelling overseas on holiday) they will then appoint a parent-co-ordinator/facilitator. The PC/facilitator will hear each parent’s point of view issue and if the parties cannot come to a decision on the issue, he/she will make a final decision in the best interests of the children.

The parent co-ordinator role is useful and cost-effective as it enables enlightened, objective decisions to be made without protracted argument and expensive litigation.